The FVSA © has many original and unique features that no other instrument currently has. Below is a summary of those features:


  Capturing and immediately displaying the subjects
      spoken answer on screen

  Every pattern is displayed in its own window to allow
      the examiner / analyst to peruse it, prior to acceptance

  Every pattern / answer is recorded.
      This allows audio playback at any time

  "Frame of Reference" tool available to help
      analyze charts

  Automatic encryption of every chart upon saving,
      so no manipulation can ever be done

  Questions are now displayed on mouse over of each
      pattern for quick reference NEW

  User friendly interface

  Comprehensive amount of formats and test types to
      cover any aspect of examination

  Every pattern displays its own basic information
      i.e. Chart Number

  Automation of Date and Time for extra security

  "Transition Statement" acknowledgement after
      every first Chart, to remind the examiner

  In built counter of every pattern, preventing
      repetitious asking of questions

  Template function to allow examiners easy and
      quick setup times

  The FVSA © has separate systems for specific duties
      i.e. Border Security